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Practice Areas

We provide full service on patent applications, from drafting patent specifications, obtaining official search report, translation, filing patent application, responding to office action, registration of patents and renewals. 


The core element for all patent applications starts from drafting the patent specification document. There is nothing more important than a set of well planned Claims, covering the broadest scope and also pinpointing the most essential part of the patent application. We are specialized on this. 



Official search


Before filing a patent or utility model application in any country, we are able to assist our client to conduct official patent search worldwide.  In most cases, a search report would be issued by the relevant Patent Office which may be submitted along with the application.


Responding to office actions
Examiners may sometimes overlook or mis-understand the contents in the patent specificaton. We strive to translate the true picture of the patent application to the examiners, but at the same time we know there are tricky parts that we have the experiences to get them through. 
Registration and annuity

Our patent team has indepth experience in attending to annuity/renewal of patent registration worldwide.  As an IP specializing firm, we can guarantee timely payment of every request yet maintaining a competitive charge in comparison with the other law firms in the locality.

Filing applications

We have had innumerable worldwide patent application filing experiences and are in close ally with our foreign associates to ensure efficient, accurate and high quality works are engaged in every patent application delegated to us.




Direct translation is required for filing patent application with priority claim. Our translation team has vast experience for translating different lanaguages especially English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. 



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